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    1. 中文
      • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

      • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

      • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

        About Us

        1. Company profile
        Honesty and dedication, heaven and path reward for diligence, self-improvement, coexistence and symbiosis
        The mountains and rivers are dependent on each other, the lake and Hunan stretches, worrying about the world, and dare to be the first.
        Juzizhou head, tough wind and rain. Only Chu has talent, Yu Si is Sheng!

        Changsha Libo Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is located on the banks of the beautiful Xiangjiang River and the Liuyang River. Over the years, it has been committed to introducing and promoting domestic and foreign well-known brands and high-quality fine chemical products in coatings, inks, and adhesives. , Plastics and other industries, we have a professional technical service team and convenient logistics supporting programs, and provide a full range of services for customers’ technical reserves and updates, and new product development. It is a large-scale business-oriented and concurrent Import and export chemical enterprises invested and developed.

        "Quality is the foundation, honesty is the only thing" is the purpose of Libo people. "Market-oriented, relying on technology, and seeking benefits from management" is our operating policy. The company takes the responsibility of continuously satisfying the diverse needs of customers, adhering to the fine tradition of unity, pragmatism and innovation, and relying on technological progress and management innovation to enable the company to develop rapidly and steadily.

        We are willing to sincerely cooperate and develop together with our customers, merchants and people of insight from all walks of life, and join hands in creating a better future!

        2、 Corporate culture

        Enterprise vision: become the industry benchmark
        Enterprise spirit: professional focus and ingenuity
        Business philosophy: quality is the foundation, integrity is the only way
        Corporate mission: always driven by customer demand, committed to scientific development, green development and harmonious development, committed to building a sustainable development enterprise and creating well-being for the public.


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