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    1. 中文
      • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

      • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

      • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

        Reception requirements

        Job responsibilities:
        1. Answer calls, receive faxes, transfer calls or record information as required to ensure timely and accurate.
        2. Do a good job of reception, registration, and guidance for visitors, and notify the interviewees in time. Irrelevant personnel, door-to-door sales and unreasonable troublemakers should be shut out.
        3. Keep the company clean and hygienic and show its good image.
        4. Responsible for the sending and receiving of company express delivery, letters and parcels;
        5. Responsible for the inventory of office supplies, and do a good job of registration and filing. And do a good job of registering the receipt, distribution, and storage of office supplies.
        6. Check the inventory of supplies from time to time, and do a good job of logistics support in time.
        7. Responsible for monthly statistics of the company's employees' attendance status, and archive the attendance data.
        8. Responsible for the use and management of copying, faxing and printing equipment, reasonable use and reducing material consumption.
        9. Responsible for sorting, categorizing, and keeping the company's commonly used forms and supplementing them based on actual usage.
        10. Make preparations before the meeting, record the meeting and organize the content after the meeting
        11. Do a good job in material collection and file management.
        12. Assist the superior in completing the company's administrative affairs and the daily affairs of the department.
        13. Assist superiors in housekeeping and safety management, and provide timely and effective administrative services to other departments.
        14. Assist the person in charge of the department to do a good job in the coordination between the various departments of the company, and actively complete the temporary affairs assigned by the superior.
        job requirements:
        1. Female, age 20-35, good image, good temperament, standard Mandarin, enthusiasm for work, meticulous and patient, good communication skills, coordination skills, cheerful personality, enthusiasm for others.
        2. College degree or above in secretarial, administrative management and related majors.
        3. More than one year of relevant work experience.
        4. Familiar with the front desk work process and proficiently using various office automation equipment.
        5. Proficiency in operating Office software.
        6. Have a certain knowledge of business etiquette.

        Sales representative recruitment requirements

        Work requirements:
        1. Responsible for market development and customer development in the area under its jurisdiction;
        2. Complete product sales tasks in the area under its jurisdiction and increase the market share of products in the area;
        3. Provide professional consultation to customers, collect information on potential customers, and maintain customer relationships;
        4. Complete sales tasks, recovery of payment, etc.;
        5. Collection and analysis of market information.
        1. College degree or above, major in chemical engineering or marketing, sales experience is preferred;
        2. Have strong language expression, interpersonal communication and coordination skills and market promotion skills;
        3. Possess good sales skills and business negotiation ability, and ability to withstand pressure;
        4. Full of passion and sense of responsibility, hardworking and able to adapt to business trips.
        No liability basic salary + five insurances + high commission + double break + subsidy + bonus + corporate travel

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